Do I submit my own book cover or can you make one for me?

If you ask nicely, yes. Do note that creating book covers will be much more expensive and take quite a bit more time. For speed, it’s recommended you already have a book cover ready to go.

What file types do you accept?

.docx, .scriv (Scrivener), .rtf, .pages are the file types for your manuscript itself that can be accepted. For book covers I can accept .JPEG, or .PDF.

What programs do you use to format my file?

Straight up I use Vellum as the main output method. I also use Affinity Photo, and Art Text to make some other magical flourishes happen.

Wait, I’ve heard of Vellum, can’t anyone get that program? Aren’t you ripping them off?

Here’s what Vellum has to say about it:
Can I use my license to format books for other authors?
Yes. But please keep in mind that we won’t be able to provide support to authors who are not our customers.

If you would like to spend three hundred dollars and you already own a Mac, I say absolutely go for it and don’t bother with my service! You can find that and more about Vellum by visiting: https://vellum.pub/

What differentiates you from other formatting services?

Some other authors in the field who might offer a similar service aren’t going that “extra mile”. What I mean is they might plop your word document into Vellum, click a button, and in two minutes presto you have yourself a decent looking Kindle and paperback book.
The difference is that I will go through and look for all the other formatting issues no one thinks to look for.

What other formatting issues?

-Text messages between characters.
-Paragraph breaks
-Chapter heading images
-Special chapter heading fonts

How long did you say all this will take?

Most novels will take approximately 24 hours. Non-fiction books could take longer depending on the content, links, and other desired outcomes like endnotes.

How do I pay for this service?

Venmo, PayPal, or some other means of payment will be worked out once you’re satisfied with the end-product.

Where do I sign up?


Will you be bombarding me with newsletters every day if I work with you?

Nope. I don’t have a newsletter for this service. I’m relying on word-of-mouth.